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Picspam: Wonderfalls - The "supervising" scene.

I don't think I've ever been this active in this journal, but I won't complain, my photoshop skills need to be trained...
So, another picspam for picspammy's current challenge. I choose the opening scene of the episode Lovesick Ass from the wonderful-unfairly-cancelled-show that is Wonderfalls, hope you like it. :)

Mahandra: How'd you get him to do that?
Jaye: I asked.
Mahandra: Very clever.
Jaye: He was surprisingly eager...
Mahandra: Eager is a good thing.
Jaye: Uh-huh...
Mahandra: You're staring.
Jaye: Uh-huh... No, I'm not. I'm supervising.
Mahandra: I see what you're supervising.
(both stare at Eric's ass)
Mahandra: It's like an apple. You could bounce a quarter off that apple.
Jaye: Apples are good for you.

Mahandra & Jaye: Hi.
Eric: Sure is hot.
Mahandra: Sure is.
Jaye: You want something to drink? I have bottled water.
Eric: Bottled would be great.
Mahandra: I'll get it. You two continue the mating ritual.
Eric: So when do I get to come over and watch TV?
Jaye: Oh, I don't know. I just have the one TV and it's very small.
Eric: That's okay. We can sit close.
Jaye: Ha.

Mahandra: Head's up -- (throws bottle of water)
Eric: Thanks.
Jaye: Welcome.

Jaye: (takes the figures from Mahandra) Stop it.
Mahandra: You stop it.
Jaye: I haven't started anything.
Mahandra: That's what I'm talking about. You should stop the not starting and start something already.
Jaye: He's married.
Mahandra: To a philandering strumpet. Those sorts of marriages get annulled.
Jaye: I can't be in a relationship right now. I have... issues.
Mahandra: Who doesn't?
Jaye: I'm going through a "me" phase.
Mahandra: Going through?
Jaye: Leave me alone. Why can't I just be celibate?
Mahandra: Um... because you like boys. And this boy is ready for you.
Jaye: But look at him. He's smitten.
(Eric almost falls)
Jaye: Smitten and eager are bad. You know what you get with smitten and eager? Romance.
Relentless, treacly, manufactured romance. And that kinda romance never ends well.

Caps found at Leave Me the White, script found at Twiz TV. Do not re-use nor alter. | Watch?

ETA: The wonderful littlekari also did a picspam with this episode, but of the ending scene/kiss, check it out! :)

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