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TMAW (aka. suck it tinypic)

I guess everyone heard the news that TinyPic is restricting the viewing of images on their servers to US residents only.

Thing is, they only restricted their "main servers", the one they use to show the images on their website still works, for everybody in the world. Yes, they are stupid.

Here's an example:
only* available to US residents.

* I'm guessing they're still propaging the server cockblocking, some of you may still see the image above. Better safe than sorry...



The only difference between these two URL: is the server they use, in this case i52 to s7.
But we don't know in which server exactly our image is (but I think they're only between 1 and 9)

TL;DR We're gonna use this website, and put:
http://s[1-9].tinypic.com/2akdaq8.png in the URL field.

All the images from server 1 to 9 will show up, and you'll just have to find your image and reupload it somewhere else :D

PS I don't know how long this will go on, as long as tinypic doesn't realize this breach, get your stuff back!
And I know that this technique might seem painful, but it's better than nothing.

ETA: Looks like they use some more servers, unblocked, and easier to find!
Bascially we go from http://i52.tinypic.com/2nipouu.png to http://oi52.tinypic.com/2nipouu.png. YES, YOU JUST HAVE TO ADD A "o" before ixx!!
I don't know the extends of this trick though, if for some reason this fails, the one above should work.

If you're an admin/moderator somewhere, feel free to link this post to communities and stuff if needed.

ETA2: Looks like all the linksare back up. Leaving this here, just in case.
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