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come into the pantheon.

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chapter one; .......
. Welcome to runawaytomars's artwork community. I've been doing graphics for more than four years now, trying different technics & style. I mostly do the fandoms I live for (check out my personal profile for more infos), though I might do some request posts in the future.
I also maintain others communities if you feel like visiting them.
maintainer @ french_twilight
maintainer @ th_pictures
maintainer @ a_new_empyr
maintainer @ th_france
chapter two; .......
. There are of course a few simple rules I'd like you to follow if you don't want me to hunt you down in the end :)
..... – Always credit me for my work, either icons, header, brushes or textures.
..... – No hotlink please. I'm on a free server, I'd be pretty upset if my bandwidth goes wild.
..... – Textless icons displayed here are not bases, don't edit them please.
..... – Don't even try to claim what you see here as your own.
..... – And of course, if you like what you see, feel free to watch the community for future updates!
chapter three; .......
. The stylesheet used here is from ribbonized. The profile layout was entirely hand-coded by myself. You can find my resource post here, a screencap masterlist here & if you're looking for something specific, try the tags.
Affiliates can be found here, you can also ask there.